VPN Vulnerability Could Put You At Risk

A security flaw has been found in Linux, Android, macOS and other Unix-based operating systems that would allow hackers to probe devices and discover details about your VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection status.

Attacks could be carried out from a router, or by an attacker present on the same network. The vulnerability would allow attackers to inject data and hijack your connection. This kind of vulnerability is ideal for targeted attacks. Read more here to see what you can do to protect your systems and networks.

Nowadays a VPN for general business use is antiquated and inconvenient, because the cloud enables secure access to your services from anywhere in a much easier way. For example, Office 365 uses the same encryption as your bank to allow access to your files, email and other resources from anywhere.

This can be especially important, for example in China where VPNs are banned.

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