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The rollout of the NBN means even your office phones rely on the internet, and any internet issues will cause you problems with your phones.  The last thing you want to do is spend hours on the phone trying to get some call-center worker to walk you through the steps to fix it yourself.
We provide residential & enterprise grade NBN internet connections, with optional backup 4g, all managed, delivered and installed by our own team. Couple that with our advanced cloud phone system and save big on your call costs.

Onsite Support

Should your connection go down entirely, don’t sit on the phone running endless diagnostics. We send one of our technicians to your business so you don’t have to worry.

Backup 4G

With optional backup 4G, your internet connection will automatically switch over should there be a problem with your NBN service.

Device Management

No need to configure your own device, patch or update it. Our managed, leased devices make everything simple. And if it ever fails, we replace it.

Calls Included

With plans that include all calls, you can save thousands compared to the big carriers like Telstra and Optus. Send us your invoice and we can show you how much you can save.

White Glove Service

We don’t just drop a bunch of phones off at your offices and hope for the best, we hand deliver, install and provide training on the use of the phone system. We then tailor the system to suit your specific needs.

Advanced Integration

We can integrate our phone system with your business systems. From displaying your customers name when they call, to recording the call event in your marketing system, ask us how we can integrate with your systems today.


Unlimited NBN

$ 120 00
per month
  • Plans from 25Mbps to 1000Mbps
  • Onsite Install & Support
  • Unlimited Data
  • Optional Backup 4G
  • Options for Enhanced SLAs
  • Optional Managed Hardware
  • Optional WIFI Deployments (Up to Hotel Scale)


Cloud Phone System

$ 25
  • All Features Included (no paying for extras)
  • Local, National and Mobile Calls Included
  • Onsite Install & Support
  • Hardware Lease Options Available
  • Mobile Apps and PC Software Available
  • Optional Receptionist Upgrade
  • Optional Advanced Integration

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