Is it me or is it Office 365?

Having troubles checking your email? Not sure if it’s your problem or if Microsoft’s service is down? Here are five places you can look to see if there is a fault!

1. Microsoft 365 Status twitter account
Lately the most reliable early source of information has been twitter, check this account for the most up-to-date information. You can also “tweet” at this account and get a reply!

2. Microsoft 365 Service Health page
Often unavailable during outages. If you are unable to access this resource, try the next link.

3. Office 365 Status page
This is fairly generic but may contain information around any wider scale issues so it is always worth checking. Often updated slowly which is why we also check the above twitter account.

4. Azure Status page
Many Microsoft 365 services are built on Azure, and this page may give you some insight.

5. Azure Support twitter account
Another twitter account that will post information about issues, and can be interacted with.

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