How to sync Google and Outlook Calendars

Do you need to integrate your partner’s Gmail calendar to your Outlook work calendar so you can see each others appointments? Would you like to see both your work and home schedule in one place? Here is a simple way to sync Google and Outlook Calendars.

Launch Microsoft Flow from Office 365 Apps.

Import this file to create a new Flow. You will then need to authorize access and select which calendars to sync.

If you see the error shown below, use the following method to solve it.

  • Switch the Calendar ID in the trigger and Select Calendar action to your own.
  • Save the Flow, click Save as to make a copy, and then make the copy as the final Flow.

For more information about syncing Outlook and Google Calendars, check out this blog. At CCP, we can help you with Office 365, Google Workspace and so much more. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

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