GoDaddy Accidentally Broke a Heap of Their Customers Websites

Earlier this month – without notice – the budget web hosting service, GoDaddy, started adding JavaScript code to their customer web sites. Shortly afterwards, a large number of websites started working slowly or stopped working entirely.

GoDaddy claimed that “most customers won’t experience issues when opted-in” but they also confessed that “the JavaScript used may cause issues including slower site performance, or a broken/inoperable website”. It turns out that it did create performance issues and broken sites for a lot of people, including any website with multiple ending tags and anyone optimising their site for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.

The vendors you choose have a big impact on the service you recieve. While many “hosting” services are available, the quality varies greatly. This is just one example of why we don’t – and never will – use GoDaddy.

Read more on this issue here.

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