Facebook Admits It Collected Data on Your Calls and Text Messages – Here’s How to Turn It Off

Facebook has recently admitted that they were collecting data on all of your calls and text messages. They have acknowledged that they were recording the date, time, duration, and recipient of calls made on Android phones over the the last several years. This data was collected by anyone who had agreed to sync your phone contacts with Facebook or agreed to using messenger for sending text messages. This article will help you turn this off and get your data deleted.


Deleting the Data They Stole:

Call and text history logging is part of an opt-in feature of the Messenger and Facebook apps. If, at any time, you no longer wish to use the contact sync feature, you can turn it off in Facebook and Messenger and all previously shared call and text history shared via that app is deleted.


Don’t Automatically Re-Upload Your Contacts:

If you’ve already turned on the setting that allows your phone to automatically import your friends’ contact information to Facebook, deleting this information won’t do any good. It will just re-sync the next time you use the app, but we can fix that:
* Instructions to disable contact sync in the Facebook App
* Instructions to disable contact sync in the Messenger App


Delete Your Uploaded Contacts:

To get a look at the contacts you’ve already uploaded to Facebook, you’ll want to visit Facebook’s Manage Invites and Imported Contacts page. You can go through these contacts name by name if you really want, but it’s probably better to just delete them all in one big swoop. Click on the “Remove all contacts” link and confirm the deletion by hitting “Remove”. You will also want to do the same trick for the Messenger app. Just click on this link to see your Messenger contact data.


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