Government Grant Gives Up to $2,100 for Cyber Security Check-Up

I’m posting this to alert you of a new government grant for any business with less than 20 employees that will help cover the cost of a cyber security check-up for your company.

The Australian Government has provided a grant to cover 50% of the cost of a cybersecurity health check by an approved Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) service provider.

CREST is an international, not-for-profit accreditation and certification body. We believe this grant is a great way to get an independent audit and advice on your IT setup. Perfect for anyone who’s unsure if they’re getting good help and advice.

This isn’t a plug for my services, because we’re not a certified tester.

I haven’t encountered CREST before, but we’re confident in our security setup at client sites and advised them on how they could get a half priced, unbiased third party audit of our services 🙂

Applications are open for the next two years – or until the funding runs out – and the process is pretty easy:

1) Register for a health check on CREST’s website
2) Get your checkup done by a CREST certified provider
3) Pay in full, up to $4200 depending on your size
4) Complete an application for reimbursement
5) Get up to $2100 back from the government

Find out more about cyber security and your business at this link

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