Why You Can’t Trust Microsoft to Patch their Own Products

It’s now okay to install the April Microsoft patches, and if you waited until now like we did for our maintained clients, then you’re way ahead of the game.


Last month there was a Windows patch that removed network settings, causing problems. This month’s patches have even more bugs and Microsoft also has a new “creators update” coming out soon.


If you’ve jumped the gun and installed April’s patches already, read this article for details on what you need to fix and how you can do this. We push urgent security fixes for our clients, but unimportant patches are delayed, so we can catch potential troublemakers like this.


In addition, the Windows 10 creators updates are not under our control. All Windows 10 PC’s will update automatically when the machine decides to. The last creators update in September changed some clients default printers, reset network settings and caused a few other things to break also. This one has already been recalled once before because it caused problems, and it was just re-released today.


If you’re not on maintenance and would like to discuss it further, please contact us on (08) 9467 2269 or email us at [email protected]

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