Why Update Windows, When Updates Keep Breaking Computers?

So often people experience issues whenever they go ahead and install the latest Windows updates. This is because Microsoft are now using their customers to beta-test their updates, effectively turning you in to a lab rat. But if you don’t update, you’re left vulnerable to hackers and viruses.

So what are you supposed to do?

Well, on the one hand, you should avoid updating your machines because:

  • You are being treated as a lab rat if you update immediately
  • Your data is at risk – a recent windows update had a bug where users lost all their data
  • Computers from major brands like IBM, HP and Dell sometimes crash with new updates
  • Microsoft has had a new “this will crash stuff” bug in their updates, almost every month for the past several years.

However, it is still recommended to be updating your machines because:

While it’s not advisable to apply the updates immediately, you should still be applying everything as soon as possible to avoid ending up like our costly examples above. What we do for our clients is manage this process of applying security patches. We defer feature patches until we have tested them and block any patch reported to cause problems. This helps you avoid the problems Microsoft is creating and allows you to keep on working.

Please contact us if this is an issue for you or if you’d be interested in getting your computers onto a system that will stop you from getting those buggy patches before the issues are ironed out.

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