In June the Petya virus shut down TNT worldwide for four days. Their customers were left in limbo because no parcels could be scanned and shipped across the entire organization.

All because of a problem that would have been avoided if they applied updates Microsoft released four months earlier in March.

This failure will impact on the company significantly, their parent company FedEx had to suspended trading of its shares on the New York stock exchange. In their own words “We cannot measure the financial impact of this service disruption at this time, but it could be material”

This attack should be a wake-up call to all Australian businesses to always install the latest security patches. Otherwise the potential financial cost and damage to your reputation can be significant and irreversible.

None of our customers were affected by either the Wannacry and Petya virus’s, our maintenance service ensures their computers are always up to date and that makes them as immune as they can possible be.