Incompetence costs you money

Last week we moved a website to our managed website hosting, after my team were done they flagged the site for a review because they noticed something unusual.

Most websites are less than a Gigabyte in size but this one was using more than four Gigabytes of storage. Using more storage means your hosting costs more.

When we investigated the website, there were a few anomalies. We found a second “demo” WordPress installation and multiple old backups. All together they used up more than three Gigabytes of storage for junk.

Every year that junk was costing hundreds of dollars to store with no benefit or purpose. Removing the files resulted in the website using less than one Gigabyte of storage.

The web designer who was maintaining the site previously could be called incompetent, lazy or just stupid.

Unfortunately choosing poorly will cost you money, but the reverse is also true. Competent support, like our service, will save you a lot of money over the long term.

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