Now offering NBN and ADSL services

They say blood is thicker than water, so it’s a good thing my family were in our pilot group for internet services. My mum and sister helped us find all the speed-bumps in our processes and are now happily using our NBN internet services.

I would like to announce we are now an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

We’re able to provide the entire range of internet services from ADSL to Fibre optic, but the ideal is NBN, as everyone will have NBN within the next three years.

Give us a call to move across to our NBN services!

With our professional service you get unlimited download quotas and all the hardware and labour (onsite+offsite) to keep it working included. Soon, we will be including bandwidth monitoring and reporting, allowing you to identify and eliminate network congestion, which can resolve internet performance issues.

If you’re changing to the NBN or changing ISP, ask us for a quote. We can discuss your situation and will provide advise on your best option.

Until then, in case you’ve forgotten the full list of things we can provide now:

  • Internet Services
  • NBN Compatible Phone Solutions
  • Cloud Email solutions (Office 365/G-Suite)
  • Website/DNS/Cloud Hosting Solutions
  • WordPress Website Maintenance & Recovery
  • Cloud Backups and Cloud Disaster Recover
  • Computer and Server Maintenance services
  • Award winning IT Support
  • Award winning Managed Services

If you want to know how to implement these services to improve your business, book us out for a free visit and consultation.

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