Domain Renewal Scam

We get calls from customers about domain renewals and we understand why it’s a confusing subject. Since domain renewals usually occur only once every 2 years, it’s something you’re not used to handling.

You also need to watch out for dodgy companies sending unsolicited letters and emails saying “renew your domain now”.  Although the letter will mention your real domain, for example, “”, the invoice is for a similar, but different domain, such as “” or “”. Scamwatch refers to these letters as a false billing scam.

If you receive a letter or email stating your domain needs to be renewed, take the following precautions;

  1. Which domain is it for? Check the domain details on the invoice. Is it missing the .au at the end? Has the .com part changed to .net?
  2. Who sent you the renewal? Is it the company you originally registered the domain with?
  3. When does your domain actually expire? Your previous renewal should state that it was for 1, 2 or more years and note the new expiry date. Does this match up with your last domain renewal invoice?

Or renew your domain with Computer Consultant Professionals and you’ll never need to worry about renewal scams ever again. Our monthly service paperwork lists all the hosting and domain services we maintain on your behalf and our hosting service even includes one free domain name renewal. We guarantee no hidden fees or surprises.

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