Cisco Discovery Protocol Vulnerabilities

There are five critical bugs in the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) under attack right now. These bugs would allow remote attackers to completely take over your devices, without you doing a thing.

CDP is in virtually all Cisco products including routers, switches, cameras and IP phones so if you have a CISCO device, your IT provider has urgent updates to do.

These bugs can lead to:

  • A hacker breaking into your work network
  • Gaining access to other devices on your work networks
  • Theft of corporate data and IP
  • Listening to your VOIP phone calls
  • Watching your security camera video feeds

These are significant risks because network infrastructure is at the heart of all your communication systems, if your router and switches are not secure, nothing you have at work is safe.

If you would like to read more about the CDP vulnerabilities, you can do so here.

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