The Secret of IT Support for your Small Businesses

Ever get that sinking feeling that disaster is on its way?

I know this feeling too well. I sometimes receive it when a delivery fails to arrive on time, or a server wont start.

We can make plans but it’s what you don’t know that causes you a problem. Most business owners don’t know a lot about technology and your computer has a lot of secret’s.

The first secret of IT support: To concede control

As a business owner, you probably like to control things for yourself to guarantee the best results. However, to fix your problem, you have to relinquish control. The advantage of hiring us is we have helped others out of the same situation that you might be in. Give us control of your computer systems and let us run the complicated scripts and programs that IT professionals understand best. We can guarantee you better results when you let us manage the IT systems.

The second secret of IT support: Choose a dependable company

You cannot hope to succeed if you choose a mediocre company to help you succeed.

  • Pick someone with experience, there are lessons you only learn with time. We have been building our processes and team for fifteen years and there’s a lot we’ve learned over that time.
  • Pick someone with good asset management. Ask them to produce a report on your equipment warranty expiration dates, or the licences and serial numbers. All your system details should be recorded so they know what they’re looking after.
  • Pick someone that answers the phone, and this is super easy to test. Call and see what happens, call outside of hours and leave a message. It won’t take long to tell who really does provide good service.

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