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Reliable Hardware Powers A Reliable Workforce

Having a consistent procurement flow, keeping similar hardware and software, and keeping your hardware less than 4 years old can drive significant savings for your business. One of the most significant impacts of old and mixed hardware, is the downtime experienced by your workforce when things go wrong.
Yet, we discovered that only 23% of computers are covered by warranty and 36% of computers are over 4 years old. [Read More >>]
With our procurement services, you will experience a streamlined purchasing flow and rest easy knowing that what you are getting, is suited for the task, delivered on time and in budget.

Refresh Cycle

We track your hardware lifecycle and can help budget and schedule automated hardware replacement cycles, so everything stays modern and reliable.

Lowest Price Possible

We order from multiple distributors and ensure we are always purchasing from the distributor offering the lowest prices.

Asset Tracking

We track purchases, warranties and serials. Assign the hardware to staff and receive asset reports monthly.

White Glove Service

Never crawl under a desk again. Our technicians will come on-site and perform a full install, data migration and network configuration.

Erase & Recycle

Have your data securely erased, scrap metal is recycled and useful components are donated to those in need.

Performace to Fit

We constantly scan the hundreds of options on offer to find the best bang for buck offerings to suit a variety of your needs. From office work to graphic design.

More Services

IT & Security

Providing business development, technical support, cost control, continuity and security.

Internet & VoIP

Voice and Data services with advanced features, low costs and white glove service.