Phone System Integration

Introducing Voice Pivots

With our new phone PBX platform, CCP Voice, we now have a feature called “Pivots”.

With this feature, you can pass information between CCP Voice and any other system. As an example, we’ve enabled a pivot on our account which does the following;

  1. Gets the number of the person calling
  2. Searches for that number inside our Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)
  3. If it finds a match, it updates the caller name display to the name from our CRM

This way, when one of our customers calls us, we know who’s calling us!

Endless integration possibilities

The brilliant thing about pivots, is that you can do almost anything with it.

Doing a marketing campaign? Advertise a special number with your campaign and have the inbound calls create an activity in your marketing platform.

Clients have an account manager? Have inbound calls route directly to their account manager if they’re available.

Want to be notified when someone calls your emergency number? Have the system send you an email with the call details.

If you can think of it, we can probably figure out a way to make it happen.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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