Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie is a new feature coming soon to Microsoft Teams. If you have a headset device with a “press to talk” button, you can use Microsoft Teams just like a standard walkie talkie. Even if your phone is locked, you will be able to receive and communicate using Walkie Talkie. Just press the button to speak, and release it to listen.

This is expected to be a great feature for anyone who needs to communicate but can’t give attention to their mobile, like while you’re driving, or busy getting things done. Emergency responders will no longer need to purchase or carry bulky and can use their mobile phones for this purpose instead.

The Walkie Talkie app is included in all paid licences of Teams in Office 365 subscriptions and will work anywhere with internet connectivity. You will be able to connect to the same Teams channels you’re already a part of but only people who connect to Walkie Talkie in a channel become participants and can communicate using push-to-talk, one at a time.

Our clients will be set up with Walkie Talkie when the feature is available through Teams. You can find more information on Teams Walkie Talkie here. If you are interested in being set up with this feature, give us a call today!

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