HP Enterprise SSDs will fail themselves after 40000 hours of operation

If you have a HP server, you will want to check to see if any of the hard drives are affected by this bug because after 40,000 hours of use they turn into a brick. See more.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because HP Enterprise have had these issues with their hard drives before. Check out our recent article to find out more.

This is not like a normal failure, where you might have one particular drive fail, this bug will likely kill all your drives at once. The HPE support document specifically advises: “SSDs which were put into service at the same time will likely fail nearly simultaneously.”

This would be the worst possible scenario for your data storage. Heck, if you bought your offsite external site servers at the same time, your backup location could potentially fail at the same time too.

How to mitigate? Immediately update the drive firmware to version HPD7.

As usual, our customers didn’t have to worry about this because we have identified any affected drives and are working on the solution for them already.

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