Everything you need to know about .AU direct domains

auDA recently announced the introduction of .au direct; a shorter and more memorable domain name extension that will be available to all Australian businesses and residents from March 2022.

We are proud to announce that we will be able to register .au direct domains to all our clients at launch. We have provided a small FAQ here to answer the most common .au direct domain questions.

.au direct refers to domain names registered directly before the .au and is being introduced to allow users to register shorter names with a wider choice of availability.

So instead of having mycompany.com.au or mycompany.net.au, you will just have mycompany.au

If you have a local connection to Australia, you can register a .au which includes registered businesses, associations and individuals that are citizens of Australia.

auDA will begin registration of .AU domains from March 2022.

Any auDA accredited registrar will be able to complete your .au direct registration, which includes ourselves. Please Contact Us to make sure your brand is secured under the new .au direct domain programme.

auDA does not endorse pre-registration services, though many registrars may offer it.

We will be offering pre-registration services and will have more information soon. However, when using pre-registration services, you are not guaranteed your .AU domain.

If you have an existing .au domain name, like a .com.au or a .net.au, you will have the first opportunity to apply for Priority Status to register the exact match under .au direct.

We for example, already holding the license for ccp.com.au will have priority registration for ccp.au

When .au direct launches, you will be able to apply for Priority Status through an auDA accredited registrar.

It starts on the .au direct launch date of 24th March 2022 and runs for 6 months.

There are cases where more than one person or entity may be eligible to apply for Priority Status for the exact same .au direct domain.

In these cases, the applicants will need to negotiate between themselves to determine who will be allocated the .au direct domain name.

While any dispute continues, all applicants must continue to pay an annual application fee.

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