Fix for Outlook delay when sending MYOB emails

If you’re not having this issue, one of your friends is.

If you send emails using a program like MYOB or Quickbooks, you may get an outlook popup asking you to wait 5 seconds 🙁

The below……… between……… every……… email……… >:(

If you have a hundred statements to send, this problem makes makes it take hours. Turn that option off and you could save a friend quite a few hours of their time.

The secret instructions are here but be warned, the registry is not to be trifled with. The value 2 removes the delay.

This fix is included with our maintenance service. We will do this for you automatically, no charge!

If you know someone with this problem they probably haven’t have been told it can be fixed. Ask around as this registry change is a massive time saver and this isn’t a commonly known solution!

I tell everyone I know, please help spread the word.

Best Regards,
Lee Sanders

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