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  1. This document is referred to as the Helpdesk Services Product Terms or Helpdesk Terms
  2. This document outlines the service that the Service Provider provides to its clients.
  3. Completion by both the Client and the Service Provider of an Order Form constitutes acceptance of these Helpdesk Terms.
  4. The Service Provider advises its clients that its terms are published at
  5. For definitions and our Master Terms of Service, read our Master Terms of Service available at


Available Plans

All devices must be covered by one of our plans, we do not allow devices to be excluded.

We offer the following Helpdesk plans;

  1. Remote and Onsite
We no longer offer the following Helpdesk plans and are considered Legacy products only;
  1. Monitoring Only
  2. Remote Only

Unit Of Measure


We measure the plan count based on the number of Laptops, Desktops, Workstations, Servers and similar devices within the Clients business, or that are used to access the Clients business resources. This measurement determines the count of devices under the plan.



We also measure the number of users within the clients business. A user is an individual that uses one of the counted Laptops, Desktops, Workstations, Servers or similar devices. We may, at our discretion, count multiple users as a single user, such as warehouse workers that all utilize a common machine.

Plan Features

Feature Monitoring Only Remote Only Remote and Onsite
Assigned Dedicated Technician
24/7 Monitoring
Endpoint Security
Unlimited Remote Support*
Unlimited Onsite Support*
Projects and Implementation

Assigned Dedicated Technician

We assign one of our technical team to your account. That technician will be assigned as the primary resource on any incident or service request, provided the technician is available. We may, from time to time, assign your service requests to another technician if we believe it is required to satisfy our service level agreements.

At any time, you may request a different dedicated technician in writing and if it is within reason, we will do our best to fulfil that request.

24/7 Monitoring

We make use of automated systems to monitor event logs, device statistics, usage and other metrics that impact your computers performance. Our systems use this gathered information to alert us to potential issues with the systems being monitored, by raising an incident ticket when the situation can’t be automatically resolved.

Endpoint Security

We automatically deploy one or more of our security products to each device covered by the plan, such as an antivirus, dns filter, endpoint detection and remediation or other software. We may, at times, change the software we use at our own cost.

Unlimited Remote Support

We provide unlimited remote support, by way of phone calls, emails and remote control software, subject to the acceptable use policy as per the Master Terms of Service.

If this service is not included in your plan, Remote Support is charged at $150/hr in 15 minute increments.

Unlimited Onsite Support

We provide unlimited onsite support, within our service area, subject to the acceptable use policy as per the Master Terms of Service.

If this service is not included in your plan, Onsite Support is charged at $150/hr in 15 minute increments, with a minimum charge of 1 hour.

Projects and Implementation

Our support plans never cover Projects or Implementation. When a request or incident is considered by us to be a project or require implementation, we will notify you before commencing the work. If work is considered a project or not is determined by us, but for guidance, means work that requires management, planning or orchestration.

Examples of project work;

  • Moving offices
  • Migration from one platform, system or software to another
  • Deploying new servers or infrastructure
  • Programming or custom software
Last Updated: June 2, 2023