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  1. This document is referred to as the Web Services Product Terms or Web Terms
  2. This document outlines the service that the Service Provider provides to its clients.
  3. Completion by both the Client and the Service Provider of an Order Form constitutes acceptance of these Web Terms.
  4. The Service Provider advises its clients that its terms are published at https://ccp.com.au/terms
  5. For definitions and our Master Terms of Service, read our Master Terms of Service available at https://ccp.com.au/terms/terms-of-service/


Requirements and Prerequisites

To receive the DNS management features of our services, your domain(s) must have their name servers pointed to the Name Servers we recommend. They may instead be pointed to Microsoft 365, provided we also have delegate access to your Microsoft 365 Tenant.


Our web design service is delivered in the requisite that we are hosting the website (included in the plan). The website can not be moved to another hosting provider until the end of the contract term.


Available Plans

Plans are available that provide domain registration, website hosting and website design.

We offer the following Web plans;

  1. Domain Management
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Web Design

Plan Features

Feature Domain Management Web Hosting Web Design
Domain Registration
DNS Management
Web Hosting Platform
Automatic Patching, Backups and Updates
Web Server Support
Website Support and Changes
Website Design
Plugin Licenses

Domain Registration

We include one standard gTLD or .au ccTLD domain registration in all of our plans. A standard gTLD domain is a .com, .net or .org domain. .au ccTLD domains are .com.au, .net.au and .org.au.


Premium domains, foreign ccTLD domains and the newer gTLD domains (also referred to as the ICANN-era generic top-level domains) may incur an additional charge.

DNS Management

Any changes to DNS records are managed by us. All changes to your DNS records are included in your plan if you have your Domains Name Servers pointed at our recommended DNS servers or directed to your Microsoft 365 account provided we also have delegate access.

Web Hosting Platform

We run a cutting edge web hosting platform designed entirely around performance and security. We provide you with a web hosting account that comes standard with 3GB of ram allocated, 5GB of storage and 120GB of bandwidth per month.

The hosting servers are shared with our other customers, so while you are allocated a set amount of resources, there may be times at peak usage where your resources are congested. We monitor resource usage closely and allocate additional resources should our servers ever get close to capacity.

Automatic Patching, Backups and Updates​

Our system receives automatic security patching. Likewise, your website can enjoy automatic backups and updates if it is running WordPress, Nextcloud, Laravel, Joomla!, Drupal, Ghost or Discourse. If you also enable our snapshotting feature, it will take a snapshot before it processes an update and should it detect a problem with an update, will roll-back automatically.

Web Server Support

Should you ever require support for our web hosting platform, rest assured that all support is included.

Support for your website code and design can be requested at our standard support rates.

Website Support and Changes

On our web design packages, we also include 15 minutes of changes per month, which is enough to add a new simple page, change a couple products or other small details. Need more drastic changes, then additional time is charged at our standard rates.

Rest assured though, should anything break as a result of a change we make, an automatic update or similar, the work required to get it running again is covered.

Website Design

We will meet with you, discuss your marketing and business goals, then tailor a design and website suited to your needs. Any graphics or fonts used for the design by us is included in the service. If you wish to bring your own branded fonts or images, you must make sure you hold the correct usage rights.

Apart from asking for a small despoit, we do not charge you anything until the website is launched and online. However, web design is a collaborative process and should the website reach a point where we are only waiting for feedback, information or data from you and there is nothing left that we can do, we may start charging the monthly fee for the service.

Plugin Licenses

Any plugins required to deliver your websites functionality is included in our website design service. We also manage all the renewals so your website doesn’t end up out of date.

Last Updated: April 14, 2022