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  1. This document is referred to as the Voice Services Product Terms, Voice Terms and the Voice Critical Information Summary (CIS)
  2. This document outlines the service that the Service Provider provides to its clients.
  3. Completion by both the Client and the Service Provider of an Order Form constitutes acceptance of these Voice Terms.
  4. The Service Provider advises its clients that its terms are published at https://ccp.com.au/terms
  5. For definitions and our Master Terms of Service, read our Master Terms of Service available at https://ccp.com.au/terms/terms-of-service/


Requirements and Prerequisites

Our Voice products are a state-of-the-art digital voice system delivered over the internet to provide advanced functionality combined with a low cost.  To make use of the service, you will require a handset approved by the Service Provider (also available as an optional add-on) and a reliable broadband Internet service.

Important Conditions and Limitations

This service may not be available to make emergency calls (Triple Zero, ‘000’ calls). While we make every effort to ensure that emergency calls are connected, you should ensure you have access to a landline or mobile telephone service to dial Triple Zero in emergencies.

This service may not provide accurate location data to emergency call operators. The CCP Voice system can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection and therefore may be used at an address which is different to the address registered with the IPND (Integrated Public Number Database). Emergency services rely on the IPND to obtain location information. We will make every effort to ensure the IPND database is kept up to date with the most recent address that you provide to us. For security reasons, we block international calls by default. International calling may be enabled on an account and country basis.

For added security against fraud, we also limit the number of calls that can be made, to $200/month. We will provide an automated email notification when you are within $5 of this threshold by default and you can request a limit increase. Only the account holder may pay for the CCP Voice Service. If the account holder is a business entity and is sold, any agreement regarding the CCP Voice Service automatically transfers to the new owners. If the service needs to be transferred to a new entity, you must request a change of lessee.

Number Porting

Porting Fees A phone number or a group of numbers can be ported for a fee. A single number will either be ported as Cat A (simple) or Cat C (complex) depending on the services that are attached to the number. You will be informed once you submit a port request if your request falls under Cat A or Cat C. Groups of numbers (Block of 100) are always classed as Cat C.

  • Cat A Port: $30
  • Cat C Port: Up to $330

Port Rejection Supplying incorrect details or other factors may cause a number port to be rejected. In the event of a reject, the following fees apply.

  • Cat A Rejection: Up to $25 (must also resubmit at original port cost)
  • Cat C Rejection: Up to $180
  • Cat A Emergency Reversal: Up to $500
  • Cat C Emergency Reversal: Up to $2750 per return or reversal

Available Plans

We offer the following Voice plan;

  1. Voice Unlimited

Unit of Measure

We measure the plan count by the number of users with extensions within the phone system. For workplaces with hot-desking, a device used for hot-desking counts as a single user.

Plan Features

Feature Voice Unlimited
Calls to Local, Mobile and National Numbers Included
White-Glove Setup
Configuration Changes
Line / Channel Inclusion
Incoming Phone Number Inclusion
Advanced Features
Calls to 13 and 1300 Numbers
Calls to International Destinations
Handset Inclusion

Calls to Local, Mobile and National Numbers Included

All calls to Australian numbers starting with 02, 03, 04, 07, 08 and 1800 are included free of charge, subject to the acceptable use policy as set out in our Master Terms of Service.

White-Glove Setup

We configure the hardware at our offices before either hand delivering and installing or shipping them (if you are outside our service area) to you. The most you should need to do, is plug the device in, no configuration needed.

Configuration Changes

Changes to your systems configuration are included. There’s no system to learn, portals to manage or logins to remember. Just tell us how you want the system to work and we’ll get it done.

Line / Channel Inclusion

Unlimited lines/channels are included in this plan.

Incoming Phone Number Inclusion

This plan does not include phone number hosting. You can purchase numbers or blocks of numbers as one of our extras. These can be standard numbers, or premium 13/1300/1800 numbers.

Advanced Features

The Voice system comes with advanced callflow features such as;

The standard Music on hold feature will always start the music or recorded audio from the beginning of the track whenever a caller is placed on hold. As an optional add-on, you can have the benefits of a streaming Music on hold service.

Calls to 13 and 1300 Numbers

Calls to 13 and 1300 numbers are included.

Calls to International Destinations

By default, calls to international destinations are blocked for your safety. You can allow calls to select countries on demand. Calls to these destinations are charged at our standard rates.

Handset Inclusion

We do not include hardware as a standard, as you can use our system with free software. If you want that traditional desk-phone, we have options for handset rental suitable for the home, office or receptionists.

Last Updated: December 20, 2022